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Congregational members belong to one of three Service Groups.  
Groups rotate each month and members are listed on the bulletin board by the kitchen.

As each month comes to an end, the next month’s service group will meet following worship.  

A group coordinator will be selected and a plan for the coming month will be made.




Lectionary Readers: Read the first lesson, the Psalm, and second lesson during the worship service.  Pastor provides the readings before church.  We need one reader per week.


Ushers:  Greet people as they enter the sanctuary and hand out bulletins.  Usher people forward during Communion.  Collect the offering.  We need two ushers per week.


Communion Assistants:  Come forward as Communion begins to receive and then help distribute.  We need two assistants on the first and third Sundays of the month.


Coffee Fellowship:  Come in early to prepare the coffee and juice, provide cookies and/or bars on Sunday morning.  Clean up the kitchen before leaving.  We need two or three families per week.


Sound and Projection:  Be at the church 20 minutes before service time to turn on the sound system and TV’s.  Monitor volume levels and control the screens during worship.  We need one or two youth per week.


Altar Guild:  Check the stock of Communion wine, cups, wafers and notify pastor if supplies are getting low.  On the first and third Sundays of the month, fill cups with wine and prepare the Altar for Communion.  Change the paraments and banners if necessary to match the color of the church year calendar.  We need two people per week.


Food for Funerals and Weddings:  As needed.


    Contact Pastor Kevin Beard at 701-580-7030 or

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